Open World Forum Extend Call for Papers

Open World Forum has been bringing together European decision makers to explore the impact and potential future impact of free and open source software since 2008. This year it’s grown again, is moving to a larger venue and will be taking place on October the 3rd, 4th and 5th in Paris, France.

Describing the overarching theme of the event as “demystifying practical innovation”, organisers are extending their call for participation. There’s a wide scope within that general theme for discussion on everything from massive open online courses to whether use of cloud technologies should be seen as a lock in or an opportunity. In the CODE section of the event topics range from big data to web accessibility to mobile technologies.

There are plenty more topics on their list, so take a look for yourself and if something catches your eye, run with it and get a proposal in now! We hope to run a track there on the subject of “Freedom To Innovate” and we’ll watch for submissions on this theme. Not only is it a great event, it’s also an opportunity for members of the open source community to get their voice heard by a large number of European decision makers.