Brazil Engagements

During the first couple of weeks of July Simon will be in Brazil for a number of events.

If you’re in Porto Alegre you could hear him talk at FISL, where he’ll talk on Wednesday July 3rd on the topic of how open source turned businesses and governments around the world into users and promoters of free software. He’s also speaking on the Friday July 5th about the threat of software patents, (even to those in a country which doesn’t seem to allow them) and what steps can be taken to counter that threat.

If you’re in São Paulo, he’s also talking at TDC on Wednesday July 10th, where he’ll be talking about OSI, the MariaDB Foundation and again about software patents and what you can do about them.

If you’d like to meet with Simon while he’s in Brazil – for example to discuss joining OSI or the MariaDB Foundation or to become an OIN licensee – please use the contact form.

Two Weeks of Big News at MariaDB

MariaDB LogoLots of big MariaDB news these last couple of  weeks:
  • Last week Wikimedia foundation fully migrated their English and German Wikipedias over to MariaDB.
  • As reported here on Meshed Insights, we also heard that the MariaDB Foundation has appointed an interim board to oversee the election process of a new board in July.
  •  This week brought the exciting news of a merge between SkySQL and Monty Program Ab. This is especially good for the core MariaDB developers as it assures them ongoing backing.
  • Along with the above announcement, SkySQL joined the MariaDB Foundation as its first Platinum member.
  • Matthew Aslett  highlights the growth of MariaDB and importance of  the MariaDB Foundation during his Percona Live keynote.

Helping MariaDB Move Forward

MariaDB LogoMariaDB is an open source database that’s used increasingly in place of the MySQL project. It’s developed by many of the original developers of the MySQL project, working in an open source community. It has recently been chosen by the Fedora and OpenSUSE Linux distributions as their default SQL database, and it is being used for significant applications such as Wikipedia.

That community is progressing towards open governance anchored in a not-for-profit Foundation. Today that Foundation announced its next steps towards community-centric governance, with diversification of its Board of Directors and with the appointment of Simon Phipps from Meshed Insights as its interim CEO. We are delighted to be able to help the MariaDB community on its journey.