Open Source Mentoring

When facing a challenging open source issue such as choosing a license, devising community governance or working with patents, you’ll often be advised to “consult a lawyer”. That’s sound advice … once you’ve devised your strategy.

To devise your strategy, you need a mesh of insights and knowledge about community, software, business experiences, future trends and much more.  Meshed Insights exists to provide that strategy input. Both our direct staff and our network of experts can come along side you, understand your business needs and give you the information and advice you need to devise your open-source-related strategy.

Every business needs an excellent and qualified legal advisor, and we recommend you validate the work you do with us with your legal advisor as we do not provide legal advice in any jurisdiction. If you do not already have access to a legal adviser with a track record in open source, Meshed Insights has worked with some of the finest legal specialists in the world of free and open source software and will be pleased to make introductions.

Conference Speakers

Need a speaker for your event? We represent some excellent speakers on open source and digital rights. Contact us for advice.

Are you a speaker? We will handle any aspects of engagements that you wish, including negotiation, logistics and handling payments.


Do you need insightful and timely editorial content for your publication in areas we cover? Get in touch!

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