About Us

Meshed Insights LogoMeshed Insights Ltd is a management consulting company providing insight into the dynamics of the emerging meshed society. We deliver skills and know-how concerning open source software and digital rights — processes, communities, licenses and more — to enterprises, communities, NGOs and governments globally.

Our consultants lead, teach and inspire leaders in businesses and non-profit organisations and are available to help you understand how to get open source right. We specialise in advising CxOs and Boards on open source and community strategy. We support searches for open source specialists such as community managers and experienced contributors. We have a flexible staffing roster to respond to changes in client needs.

If you are working on open source policy, licensing, contributor agreements, business models, patent protection and more, engaging us is the place to start, before you call the lawyers in to help. These topics all involve a mesh of insights about community, software, law and rights that are only available from experienced practitioners. We don’t replace your legal advisors; we simply help you know how best to use them.

We also supply and support conference keynote speakers, provide editorial content for publication, perform peer review, manage custom development, perform fiduciary administration as a service and offer community summary reports.

We also support the activities of Public Software CIC, a not-for-profit company acting in the public interest to host open source projects.

Contacting Us

To book a discussion with Simon Phipps, please visit his Clarity page. Please use the form below to contact us about anything else (other than press pitches, which should be sent to press AT meshedinsights DOT com).  See our full business information for other contact points.