EU Open Data Cities Workshop

The Open Data Cities Workshop is on the afternoon of the 27th of September in Bolzano, Italy and will explore practical issues encountered by cities already engaging in Open Data practices. It will also create a space in which to share experience, advice and ideas with the intention of forming a collaborative ad hoc network of Open Data cities to continue sharing experience, collaborate on projects and reduce costs through collective use of software. The event is running as part of  the Festival of Innovation, yet is itself a by invitation only event. If you wish to be issued an invite, please do get in touch.


Open Data Hackathon

Whether you’re all about developing applications, creating impressive information visualisations, manipulating statistics, or telling the stories behind the numbers, there’s a place for you at the Open Data Hackathon in Bolzano from 25th to 27th September.

Entrants will have 24 hours to work on creative applications for publicly available data in an effort to impress the jury, who will award prizes on the basis of creativity, innovation, usability and of course, use of open data. Entry is free of charge, the prizes great and Bolzano a beautiful place to spend the weekend, so you may well be tempted to hang around for a few days to recover once the hacking is done.

Registration is open right up to the event, but tickets are limited, so sign up now and we’ll see you there.

Open Data – Digital Gold

Bolzano LogoThe delightful Tyrolean city of Bolzano will be the locale for a “Festival of Innovation” running from the 26th to the 28th of September this year.

On the Friday of the festival there will be  a half day open data conference entitled “Open Data – Digital Gold“. The event will feature notable keynote speakers Mark Madsen from Third Nature and ODI’s Ulrich Atz as well as case studies from two Italian municipalities exploring the value of open data. Essential material for all those seeking to understand how open data can make a difference for their cities and citizens.