OSI Open Source Community Summit

OSI-RThe License Clinic for US Federal Agencies is not the only new departure for the Open Source Initiative this May. OSI is also reaching out to a wide spectrum of open source communities with its Open Source Community Summit in Washington DC on May 10 2013, where we’ll be able to gain a much fuller idea of the needs of those communities. Sponsored by Google, Red Hat and Eclipse, and chaired by OSI President Simon Phipps, this is OSI’s first Community Summit.

Attendees will explore answers to big questions faced by open source projects, both via keynotes from notable speakers and in unconference sessions. It will also be a chance to define in more depth the specific goals associated with OSI’s mission to defend, protect, educate about and promote open source. The “unconference sessions” format will create plenty of room for dialogue, so you’ll be able to bring your big ideas, interesting problems and wanted projects to the table.

Register now to be sure of a place at the first OSI Open Source Community Summit.

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