Another Meshed OIN Licensee

After an introduction to Open Invention Network by Meshed Insights Ltd, the fast-growing US open source professional services company Open Software Integrators llc have signed up as licensees to join the mesh of mutual patent defence OIN offers.  Congratulations, and welcome!

Thinking Of Starting A Foundation?

Open source projects are increasingly opting to form an independent entity – a “Foundation” – to form the core of their community, rather than relying on goodwill or corporate oversight. Foundations often hold shared assets such as money, trademarks and copyrights, provide infrastructure, and sometimes employ staff.

The idea is seductive, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. A Foundation can’t solve your community problems; it can only make firm the solutions you devise, by providing a canvas on which to paint the trust and governance you have all agreed and to guarantee it for future generations of your community. You need to solve the problems first.

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