Does Nominet Hate Charities?

Simon’s blog post about the bias the UK’s domain authority is showing against charities obviously struck a nerve with them as they responded to him. Sadly, the response was not a reply; rather, it sought to focus on issues away from the main point while using logical fallacies to attempt to discredit his complaint. Since there was no reply, Simon has posted a more focussed restatement of the issue and is now awaiting a reasoned reply (rather than the further logical fallacies a domain salesman has posted so far).

UK Domain Mismanagement

Alerted by a Twitter conversation, Simon checked Nominet’s rules concerning the new .UK domain and found they have a distressing bias against UK charities. It’s bad enough that UK web sites have to waste money on more domain names to protect their brand; these rules actually prevent charities from doing so. Read his article for more.