Here’s the meat of the tweets & toots from the week ending January 30:

New company in LibreOffice ecosystem.

OSI is hiring an Executive Director. Has to have the right to work in the USA.

Elastic’s relicensing is just the natural pivot of another company using the Rights Ratchet model, not a sign of a problem with open source – or indeed AWS.

While people sometimes erroneously describe copyleft licenses as “restrictive”, restrictions are not allowed in OSI-approved licenses. Recently-proposed licenses try to work around this by constructing a restrictive effect from otherwise acceptable elements – “constructive restriction”.

Any stable system of organisational rules creates a gaming space proportional to the number of rules and the length of time they have been in operation.

OSI’s role is not to control open source but to confirm and apply community consensus

2021 Week 4 – Tweetage on Open Source