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The results are in, and effective April 1st (yes!) Simon has been elected back to the OSI Board by the Affiliates after a year off due to term limits. His platform statement is here.

OSI Election

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Observant readers will have spotted the new “Donate Bitcoins” button on the Meshed website (over there on the right).  If you would like to encourage us in our activities, we would be grateful for a few satoshii thrown our way.

The donation mechanism uses Coinbase. We picked this rather than,  say, Paypal because it allows anyone anywhere in the world to easily make a donation in relative anonymity. You can use bitcoin in your own Bitcoin wallet, or you can pay Coinbase in your local currency. Do give it a try so you can tell your friends you have used Bitcoin!

Setting Up Our Voice-Over-IP Phone System

As I mentioned recently on Google+, I’ve recently installed a telephone system for Meshed Insights using a Raspberry Pi. Here’s a description of the system I’ve put together.

Raspberry PI PBX

The brains live in a model B Raspberry Pi. I installed the GNU/Linux distribution Raspbian using the easy NOOBS on an SD card, then installed RasPBX — FreePBX and Asterisk — using the Pi Store via the desktop as that was easiest. I enabled sshd so I can log in from the office (using a private key so it’s less hackable), set the unit to have a fixed IP on our internal network and then disconnected the keyboard, mouse and screen. The system now runs headless in our server room. Continue reading


Welcome to Meshed Insights!  Founded in 2012 by Simon Phipps, we are a management consulting, community engagement and editorial content company focussing on Free and Open Source software. We help

  • communities build and change governance and licensing;
  • companies evolve their business strategy to responsibly benefit from open source;
  • publications deliver insights on open source, open standards and digital rights to their audiences.

If you need any of these services, please do get in touch!