Launching TravelSpirit

We have been working with Transport for Greater Manchester for several months on a fascinating idea; an open source community for a Mobility-as-a-Service platform. The idea has finally emerged into the daylight as the TravelSpirit community. You are invited to apply to attend the launch event and take a part pioneering public transport for the 21st century. Continue reading

It’s The Daylight Twilight Zone again! Expect the unexpected…

If you, like us, have a mix of meetings with European and US residents, the next two weeks will inevitably involve some mis-timed meetings since the USA just started daylight savings time and Europe won’t do that until March 27th. One tip is to set an event in your calendar (or, better, a shared events calendar, which is what we use) marked “DST Twilight Zone” as a reminder that peculiar things are going to happen!

Daylight twilight

Community Credentials

Simon was surprised when he went to the Microsoft press release page looking for the news about Linux support for SQL Server and joining Eclipse. He found that the only press release related to Linux was about patent licensing. He’s written about it today on InfoWorld and expanded the thought on his blog.